Having bad credit or starting off with no credit is no fun at all.  Maybe you need a new car or truck but you're stuck because of your credit situation.  Well, turn that frown upside down because Doug Marshall Motor City 2000 Ltd Motor City here in Grande Grande Prairie is here to help with our Credit Rebuilding Program.  Getting on the road to a new ride and rebuilding your credit is as easy as 1-2-3!

Even though you are rebuilding your credit, you may still qualify for a new vehicle as well as a used vehicle.  We will work with you to find the solution that works for YOU!
  Phase one focuses on the credit rebuilding process while getting you into the vehicle you need.  To move from phase one will take 8 - 12 payments at rates of 26.5% - 31.5%.  Just stay on track and the time will pass sooner than you think!
  Options with vehicle selection begin to expand in Phase two.  While a strong emphasis will remain on rebuilding your credit, more choices of vehicles may be available.  To more from Phase two will require 10 - 16 payments at rates of 17.5% - 26.5%.
  In Phase three your credit is well on its way to being re-established and more options are becoming available to you at a lower rate.  Moving from Phase three takes 12 - 18 payments at 9.9% - 17.5%.  Hang in there, the goal is in sight!

  Hooray!  Your efforts have paid off and financing options are yours again!   Your credit has been restored to the point where home financing and low interest rates on new vehicles are now available.  It's just that easy.  Want to get started? Doug Marshall Motor City 2000 Ltd is here to help.  Feel free to use this contact form to get in touch with us or click the link below to start the process and complete our on-line application.  You CAN achieve a better credit rating!

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